A Piece Of Advice On How To Write An Empirical Study

Similar to a research paper, an empirical study is a lab report about any topic that is written in a scientific manner. Unlike a research paper, though, this kind of article reports on the research and informs the reader on the scientific mental process. Your article should inform the reader:

  • Why the researcher performed that experiment
  • What they were expecting to happen
  • How the experiment was performed
  • What the experiment yielded
  • What do these results mean?

If you have never written an article like this before, it can be confusing to approach one and figure out what exactly you are supposed to write. Though there are several things that affect the overall grade of an empirical study, including –

  • Format: Always format your article in a manner that clearly outlines the steps taken and chronological order of the experiment. Present facts and information as they presented themselves in the process.
  • Create sections: You should always have several sections in your article. This makes it easier for your reader to navigate your article and locate certain information. Have an introduction, review, step-by-step process, results, and conclusion. In your conclusion, discuss what the general impact of these results is and how they affect future studies.
  • Cite sources: Like a research paper, you should have a bibliography annotating any sources used throughout your paper.

Aside from basic formatting though, there is one piece of advice to always keep in mind. This advice is more of a checklist, but if you meet every point on the checklist, you will be certain you have a strong article. When you have finished writing the final draft of your empirical study article, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Did I clearly present the topic of research?
  • Did I outline the question correctly?
  • Did I perform extensive research?
  • Did I cover all steps that were taken in completing this experiment?
  • Are the results clearly explained and presented?
  • Did I explain the significance of these results?
  • Is it all grammatically correct and free of typos?
  • Did I acknowledge how the experiment succeeded and how it did not?
  • Did I cite every work used?

This checklist should ensure that you have covered every major point necessary in an empirical study article. It will also help you locate what you still need to complete before submitting it, and what areas you need to strengthen.

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