Sixteen Successful Research Paper Topics About Jose Rizal

Writing a research paper on a famous person is a thankful experience. There are lots of interesting issues to explore: biography is rich, works are various, and ideas are deep and thought-provoking. You should just decide which particular aspect to take, learn lots of new things through research, and try to compose a strong and well-reasoned paper on the topic of your choice.  

Writing an academic paper about Jose Rizal is a great experience as well. It may even be difficult to pick a topic to explore, because all the facets of his life and work are interesting and appealing. A famous political figure, novelist, poet, journalist, artist, and scientist of his time, who has left many works behind and is well-known for his apt quotations, Jose Rizal is regarded as one of the greatest heroes of the Philippines.

Not to spoil your paper, you should approach the task responsibly and conduct deep research on whatever issue you choose. If you decide to analyze the writer’s literary works, you should read them, look for critical views, and compare these views with your own feelings. If you want to explore the life track of this person, be sure to use information from both primary and secondary sources in order to get the most unbiased understanding of the events that influenced the writer’s personality. Here is a list of successful topic ideas for your research paper on the subject to choose from:

  1. Jose Rizal as a role model for every young Filipino: why is it him in particular?
  2. Anti-Catholic views in the writer’s works.
  3. Strong and weak life choices made by Rizal.
  4. Josephine Bracken and her influence on the artist’s life.
  5. Leonor Rivera: how did she affect the writer’s life choices and works?
  6. Mi ultimo adios : the role of the poem in the struggle for liberation and independence of different nations.
  7. Jose Rizal as a national hero: is such a status rightful?
  8. Faith versus despair: controversy of ideas in the writer’s works.
  9. Attitude towards violence: critical analysis of Noli and Fili .
  10. Attitude towards the Philippine Revolution: exploring the writer’s works and eyewitness accounts.
  11. Impact of Gandhi, Tagore, and Sun Yat Sen on Jose’s political views and works.
  12. Jose Rizal as a scientist.
  13. Noli Me Tangere : book versus movie.
  14. El Filibusterismo : opera versus literature.
  15. Portrayal of the human side of Jose Rizal in the documentaries by Howie Severino.
  16. Analyzing the writer’s famous quotes: aren’t they controversial?

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