How To Write A Research Paper About Hamlet: Useful Strategies

If you are passionate about literature, this task will be extremely pleasant for you. To write about Hamlet is one of the most simple things, since everyone knows the tragedy and the author. Of course, you have to make sure that you don’t get too confident; you can be distracted and make many silly mistakes. Before you start, you need to have a strategy or a plan. This will allow you to compose a great research paper and to satisfy your professor. Here are some useful hints:

  • Try to have a clear purpose in mind. Do you want to prove something about this character, or you just want to let your classmates know more about him? Once you have a goal in mind, you will know what to look for and how to manage your ideas and information.
  • Talk a little bit about the author. William Shakespeare is one of the most famous writers of all times. Even so, there is a chance that your classmates don’t know too much about him. Why not give a few details about his life? Maybe this will help you understand his tragedy better, and you will correlate facts from his life, with what he wrote. Mention what other tragedies he wrote and what is your favorite.
  • Analyze the concept of death. If you will read the entire piece carefully, you will notice that Hamlet is not afraid to die, quite the opposite actually. He develops an obsession for this issue and it is present in his mind all the time. He thinks about suicide very often, but he does not know what will happen after death. This is a great chance to start a discussion with your classmates about suicide and death.
  • Think about Hamlet’s behavior. As you already know, he was trying to manipulate others into thinking that he is crazy. Even so, some of the people figured out his tricks. His behavior however got worse and worse and, in the end, not even himself knew if he is pretending or he is really crazy.
  • Analyze the tragedy from a feminist perspective. The women are not present almost at all in this play; is this a sign of misogyny? If someone would write a play nowadays with only male characters, he would be criticized by the public.

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