How To Compose Methodology Section For My Research Papers?

The methodology section is an important obligatory part of a dissertation or thesis. It accurately describes the way the author gathered and analyzed the information. To be more precise, students must explain in their methodology sections what they did, what research methods they used and why.

What Is the Structure of the Methodology Section in Your Research Paper?

Students should start with the selection of the proper research paradigm within which they are going to conduct a study. Particularly, research philosophy should stick to the key foundational works in the field.

The next step will be connected with defining the main tasks, aims and objectives. It is important to realize at this stage what way the questions are going to be answered. As soon as the data has been collected, there may be some difficulties in changing them.

Then, a student should continue with laying out the main principles of a chosen method, and its theoretical underpinning. Within this part of methodology section, he or she must assure the reader that the results received from the application of the method will be valid and reliable. Also, it is necessary to make a review of the literature which is fundamental on the approach.

Finally, making a summary and stating the main problems that can occur while conducting a study are considered to be the last significant step within the process of composing the methodology chapter.

Tips to Make Your Methodology Section Better

Keeping a basic structure and following general rules in the methodology chapter are crucial to the success of the paper. But there are also some extra tips which can make it better:

  • Use the past tense and write in the third person.
  • Write a proper introduction to this section.
  • Structure the questions and aims sections properly by using subheadings inside the list.
  • Give only an accurate and concrete description of the methods used in your paper.
  • Give a precise explanation of the way the data was collected and analyzed.
  • Try to keep the balance between the size of the paper and the relevant information included.
  • Do not use any graphs or tables with the results in this chapter.
  • Check whether the reader can replicate your experiment and verify the results of the study according to the given methodology.

As it can be seen, students should put much effort into writing the methodology section because its quality is in direct correlation with the success of the dissertation. It also would be helpful to use as many resources as possible on the topic and have a consultation with a supervisor.

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