Free Advice On How To Write An Introduction For A Research Paper

The introduction you write in any form of writing determines the attitude a reader is going to have towards the work below the introduction. A research paper being a credit marked form of writing must have the most attractive introduction possible. Here are things you need to do to come up with such an introduction.

Compose a compelling opening sentence

If an introduction should be appealing , then the opening sentence must be compelling. A compelling sentence will cast a good picture and make the reader get interested in your introduction hence the whole research paper. You can use a concept or a compelling point in your research to open your introduction. One can even choose to start with a question that will make the reader reflect on the topic and see it importance.

Keep it short

It is said that too many word dislodge important points. Make your introduction brief to maintain the readers interest in your work. However, do not write just a few words to make an introduction. That may portray you as one with no content or is unsure if him/her self. Just be brief but appealing.

Create a focused thesis statement

Let your thesis statement carry a strong and focused note. It should give your theory and argument about the research paper topic and that which you can support by the evidence you will present later in your research paper. Let your thesis statement be in one compact sentence at the end of your introductory paragraph.

Include your main points

Right after your thesis statement or even in the same sentence if possible, include the main points or subtopics that you intend to discus at length in the body of your paper. Simply list your point but do not discus them at length.

Wade your reader through your paper

When writing an introduction make sure there are no breaking points. Be consistent as you move from your opening statement , through your thesis statement to introducing your basic points. Inconsistency will loose your reader in between the introduction. Keep him/her glued to your introduction.

Revise it as the last thing

In order to have a consistent introduction, it is advisable to make it the last thing you revise or write. This will help you capture all the ideas in the whole research paper. Otherwise you may end up leaving out some key points.

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