A List Of The Most Interesting Research Paper Topics For 8th Graders

Writing a research paper can turn to be a complicated affair for an 8th grader. One of the most challenging things for the student to do is to choose the right topic for the paper. If you are finding it difficult to choose your research paper topic, do not worry as we have compiled for you a list of topics that you can use to write your essay. Check these topics out.

  1. How has the 80s fashion influenced current trends?
  2. What are coral reefs?
  3. What happened on D-day during the World War II?
  4. Do certain children toys cause social or emotional problems?
  5. Should steroids be legalized?
  6. Should spanking be outlawed?
  7. Should parents be held responsible when their children break laws?
  8. What are the latest ways to steal identity?
  9. What causes Dust storms?
  10. Should the state put laws to prevent bullying?
  11. What were the major church bombings of the 1950s & 1960s in the US?
  12. What is the influence of YouTube on polities?
  13. How do you treat a wounded knee?
  14. Should convicted felons have the right to vote?
  15. What causes tsunamis?
  16. How did gunpowder change warfare?
  17. What is Tae Kwan Do?
  18. What are the ways in which computer viruses spread? How does it affect the computers?
  19. Are children smarter because of the internet?
  20. What causes Tornadoes?
  21. How was television like in the 1960s?
  22. . How do you think the sinking of the titanic influence data recording?
  23. What are events do athletes participate in winter Olympics?
  24. Is there such a thing as identical twins?
  25. What was the impact of the Tsunami in Southeast Asia in 2004?
  26. What was the impact of the invention of art of Leonardo Da Vinci?
  27. How does a hybrid car save energy?
  28. What are the largest rivers in the world?
  29. What is different about the planet Jupiter?
  30. What are summer Olympics all about?
  31. What safety features have been included in modern automobiles?
  32. What is unique about Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe?
  33. What are the dangers of scuba diving and underwater exploration?
  34. In what ways did the Freedom Riders change the society?
  35. What is the story behind the Taj Mahal?
  36. What makes the great pyramid of Giza in Egypt an Ancient Wonder of the World?
  37. What was the impact of Slave trade in the US?
  38. What causes tornadoes?
  39. What are the reasons that made Martin Luther raise a protest against Catholic Churches?
  40. Why was communism unsuccessfully in so many countries?
  41. How long is the Great Wall of China?
  42. What role did the invention of penicillin play in the world of medicine?
  43. Are cancer treatments effective?
  44. What causes hurricanes?

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