Simple Instructions On How To Write A Research Paper In The APA Style

Do you need to write a paper in APA style, but have no idea what the rules are? If it’s your first attempt, then chances are that you have no idea how such a project must be formatted. Taking the time to learn can avoid you getting a penalty for formatting errors, or the time it takes to make changes. Therefore, read on for the most basic things you should know about when writing a research paper in APA style.

General Formatting Rules

There are some general formatting rules that must be followed whilst working on the project:

  • You must make sure to write in a past tense and it must be written in 12 point. There must be 1 inch margins surrounding the content and double spacing is required.
  • The figures, tables, references and title page must have their own separate pages.
  • You must avoid having page breaks between the main elements of the project.


It’s important to mention the citations throughout the paper. Any fact, figure or statement you make must be backed up with a citation. You’ll typically use a system where a number is used in the bulk of the text, which would correspond with a reference in the references section.

Remember that the quality of your piece will depend on the number and quality of our sources. In some cases you might be penalized if there are a lack of references to back up your content.

Finding Examples Online

To get a great idea of what you are expected of take a look at the countless examples you can find online. You can check out the directories and educational websites for APA style research papers. However, you must also ask your professor for specific directions. It might be the case that your educational establishment will require you to format the project in a certain manner.

By looking at online examples you can also figure out how to increase the overall quality of your project. Therefore, it makes sense if you check out example projects that are of a similar theme to your one. If you find a directory that has a diverse range of topics, then this shouldn’t be a problem.

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