What's A Good Topic For A Research Paper: Tips From An Expert

As a researcher, it is natural to feel overwhelmed by the vast amount of data that exists in the world, all of them filled with more matter than the next. Thus, it is intimidating for most novice writers embarking on the journey of writing a research paper, to create a piece that makes a difference and is yet authentic in its entirety. To help you with the process, here are some tips from an expert to help you choose a good topic:

What is a good topic for a research paper?

A good topic is:

  • Narrow: Unless you are looking into a field that has yet to be explored to its full potential, or in which there exists not much research, you should keep the topic narrow and direct. A way to do so is break it down to three steps:
    1. First, choose a field and any topic under it. For example, Social Issues.
    2. Be a little more specific about the topic that you have chosen. For example, Women Empowerment.
    3. Narrow the topic down to a very specific statement. If we follow the above example, Women Empowerment in the rural sector of North India.
  • Is either a question or a statement: As far as possible, stick to this point. Making your research topic either a question or a statement gives you a very particular direction: you aim to answer a question, and to prove or support a statement. Anything other than that may lead you astray midway and spoil your efforts.
  • Is relative to the length of your paper: There are some fields that are narrow and crisp enough to have a short paper, whereas others may require one the size of a folio. The topic of your research paper should be relative to the tentative length of your paper. Do not stretch or cut down your work to accommodate the topic, as it may compromise the quality of your work.
  • One that allows you to incorporate innovative ways of data collection: A good research paper topic is one that opens doors of opportunity and puts you in contact with valuable information sources. A paper that confines you to browsing the internet or books is not a chance to gather priceless experience.
  • In parallel to your interests: Never choose a topic just because you think it may impress your teachers. You will lose interest halfway, which will reflect on your final grades. Always look for a topic that you are passionate about, and make your work speak for the same.

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